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I didn’t realise how differently I could interpret situations and change the direction of conversations. It’s been very eye-opening.
Evan Gargaro - State Manager, Australian Venue Company
“It’s been an eye-opening experience working with Josh and the Ploomo team.
The approach utilising both technology and coaching was really unique. I was able to learn a lot about myself, how I can have more impact as a leader, and to understand my team better.
Troy Foster  -  Project Manager, Funlab
“The insights around causal dynamics in the organisation have been super interesting. It’s data we’ve never seen before. The team are very unique in their approach.

Thumbs up from me!.”
Tom Miller -  Partner, IBM

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Drive Change With Ploomo

Software and a service designed to maximise the potential of your people. A holistic employee lifecycle approach — gain insights from hiring to development and retention.

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Engagement Insights — Dive deep into what motivates your team, from leadership gaps to stress levels, and tailor your strategies for success.

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Predictive Hiring Platform — Reduce turnover with data-backed hiring decisions that ensure the right alignment from the start.

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Leadership Development Programs — Equip your managers with the skills to inspire, engage, and lead high-performing teams.

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Organisational Profiling — Understand your company structure and map a path to success using a scientific and data-driven approach to building teams.

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Unlock your Team's full potential

Transform Leadership and Team Dynamics with Ploomo.

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Define what behaviours and traits lead to success in a role without our predictive hiring platform.

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Find out what is working well so you can do more of it and what isn't working so you can address it. Using our innovative data collection and analytics solution.

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Access a scalable approach to leadership development with a combination of data, technology and in-person coaching.

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Uncover the levers you have to maximise productivity in your teams through psychometric profiling.

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Elevate Your Team With Ploomo

Data-driven Team Insights

Understand what causes out- performance so you can do more of it. Identify pain points so you can address it.

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Leadership Development

Turn managers into leaders who foster engagement and performance. Leaders are the biggest factor impacting your employees impact.

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Informed Hiring Decisions

Ensure every new hire is a positive addition. Increase probability of success and decrease turnover.

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Frequently asked questions

I already have a HRIS, how will this integrate?

We are NOT a HRIS. Ploomo is designed to connect in with whatever HR system you are using. It takes 10-minutes to set up and we collect data, provide insights and deliver coaching. All our reports can be exported.

How does Pricing Work ?

Our pricing is tailored to your company's size and specific needs, ensuring you get the most value from our service. We have subscription plans and Pay As You Go options designed to deliver the best service we can.

Is this solution suitable for small teams?

Absolutely, our system scales with your business, providing valuable insights for teams of all sizes.

What if we have a unique challenge?

We can do custom reporting and tagging of data to suit specific cases. Examples of this are Company restructures and specific traits you want to identify in people.

How do I get started?

Simply contact us to schedule a demo. Our team will guide you through the setup process and answer any questions you have.

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Lucas Nash

December 24, 2023

Managing high performing teams with live sentiment data

We outline how managers who are new to Ploomo can start using live sentiment data to build high-performing teams by using it as a communication tool.

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Joshua del Rio

December 18, 2023

Understanding The Impact of Employee engagement

Building teams is difficult. There are so many different factors that influence how a team performs. When it works well, it is incredible. When it doesn’t, it is extremely frustrating.

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Joshua del Rio

November 6, 2023

Understanding different thinking preferences to build better teams

Building teams where everybody understands themself and those around them so these strengths can be harnessed is massive for collaboration and the development of leaders.

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